Roald Dahl Series Blog: (Roald Dahl and Sociology 101)

Hello everyone! I am coming to the end of my Roald Dahl series blog, but before I wrapped it up I wanted to share with you an interesting article from the Virginia Tech Library Archives in regards to Dahl’s writing, the relation of it to different audiences, and the criticisms made in terms of some of his works.

What I understand from reading this is that Dahl, while having a wide spread appeal, took a perspective that came from trying to relate to a younger audience, while the criticisms came from how the adults were portrayed in many of his books. If you can go back to being young, adults of authority (which most of them were for us), seem intimidating and unlikable, while there were others who inspired us and were caring and kind. Things are not always as they seem, and that is very true for how certain characters were portrayed, (think back to The BFG).

The article goes deeper into this and further examinations, and I will allow you to draw your own conclusions from them.

I can remember appealing to these books quite easily, and that while one can take an objection to what some may see as “grotesque” depictions of the world, as well as questionable displays of morality, there is no question that it is debating like this that helps literature of all kinds continue to thrive.

Please check this article out, and thank you for reading The Roald Dahl Series Blog.

Stay tuned for further updates and a new authors blog.

If you have any suggestions please comment or send me a message!

Article Below:

Roald Dahl and Sociology 101

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