Graduation Goals

This summer will mark my final graduation from Laurentian University.

Sadly, this is the only current picture I have of my most recent graduation photo. Isn’t photo #11 a wonderful choice?

I post this in reflection of five years of tears, nervous breakdowns, anger, and success. This road has not been an easy one, as I am sure many of those who have attended post-secondary can testify. However, this year has caused me more to reflect than my last graduation. Sure, I was very proud of myself for those four years of hard work, but it never really felt complete. I knew in my heart my journey was not over yet, I’ve known that for most of my life.

So where do I stand now? Well, it seems that this year has been one of my most stressful to date. I feel lonely sometimes, overwhelmed, stressed to the point of breaking down to my loved ones begging for it to be over, but…

I knew I had to keep going. Teaching is something that I love too much to give up now. After my last placement I knew that this is the reason I am here! Not the paperwork or the assignments, but this…the kids. I want to give them the knowledge and inspiration to be well-rounded, positive thinking, always wanting to learn type of students.

If I can inspire at least one student a year to follow their passions, then all this work, all this stress, all this time, will be well worth the effort!


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